Sunday, December 27, 2009


It is half past noon and I am a vision in my new, neon pink and tangerine plaid fleece PJs - a practice that is generally accepted over the Christmas holidays. So far I've eatern several handfulls of mixed nuts, two teensy pieces of date square and a smidgen of carrot cake (really -- only a smidgen).  In a gigantian display of self control - I have resisted the temptation of the iced cinnamon bun that has my name written all over it. Later.

My kitchen table is covered with remnants of the leftover desserts, edible contents of our Christmas stockings, some random scraps of present tags and ribbon and an empty milk glass. [Note to self to move that tray of squares out of reach.]

Like a kid in toy store, I have been sifting through the treasures ... special books, organic creams, handsfree for the car, a seat to see Jersey Boys, and a special gift from hubby -- a netbook for blogging on the fly. Adventure Girl created a Christmas wreath adorned with Kenyan shillings for our trip. And to top it all off, we received donations to our school building project from friends and family - many of whom have little excess to share - yet they did. thank you 

My heart is full to overflowing. I have more wealth, abundance and good fortunate that I could ever deserve. And most of it has more to do with the country and family that I have been blessed to be born into. So many others have no such luck - they are deprived of hope and opportunity simply because they have been born into seemingly impossible situations. And that is why we must share. Those of us with - must share with those who have not.
We must all give a little, so more can have some.
I tried harder than ever to contribute, share and preserve. [Sidenote: I am proud to report that unlike other years, we have very little waste from wrapping, and many went home with tea towels!] And I will continue to try even harder.

And that is my take away from this Christmas.

[Update Note: Since posting time, I have consumed a few additional date squares, a molasses cookie and some stir fried Thai food. I wonder if one can spontaniously combust???]


  1. We are indeed blessed!!!! Your words inspire me to give more EVERY DAY!!! Happy New Year, dear Lyn!!! Love, Janine XO

  2. P.S. I love your very first shot!!! It belongs in a Food Magazine!!! So colorful...and delicious!!! Love it!! ~J.

  3. Oh you are right, about everything. How much food can one eat in one day? it seems like that's all we've done is prepare and eat food.
    the wreath is wonderful and you are so right about giving Lyn. How special your family gave to the building cause, your trip is right around the corner now, so exciting.
    It is also true we are so blessed.
    Happy New Year to you dear Lyn,
    and oh, what is a netbook?

  4. I'm glad you had a good Christmas Lyn. It came and went soooo fast. That wreath is amazing - what a great idea for unused foreign money!

  5. Thanks Janine, Lori and Kattrina for dropping by ...

    Lori, a netbook is just another name for a mini laptop. It weighsunder 2 pounds and is the size of the keyboard. It's perfect for blogging and surfing the net.

    I hope you ladies are really enjoying your holidays! You are part of the new community I feel like I belong to. What a gift!

  6. "We must all give a little, so more can have some."

    This really says it all!


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