Sunday, December 20, 2009

Change of Plans

I'm runnng way behind! Was ahead of the game, even feeling a little smug. But oops- a setback!

Unexpected hockey game in a town hours away. Last minute Christmas preparations - cancelled - or maybe just delayed.

No energy to panic, I'm just staying the course. What gets done, gets done - the rest will have to wait - or won't.

To top it off - we're sneezing and coughing and burning through the tissues.

Lesson: Release that which you can't control! Embrace that which you can. Merry, *cough*  merry *sniffle* ...


  1. Hi Lyn, been catching up - as usual I can hardly keep up! Enjoy that teenage madness while it's still in the house! So sorry to hear about the need for all those tissues.. as you say, some things are just out of your control zone!!

  2. That is exactly what happened to me! I thought I was ahead of the game, then we got a ton of snow, and now I can't make it out to get my last minute gifts. Ugg!
    Hope your sniffles go away...

  3. So far so good in being on top of the chores. I love the sense of peace it brings knowing what's next on the list and then sorting it.


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