Monday, December 14, 2009

Checked in

Well, everyone's been checking in - kind've like the pre-Christmas boarding pass. My one and only little brother called to see what kind of pie he should bring for dinner. He is the pie man for every family function. I don't see him often enough so every time I do is a real treat. My younger sister popped in for a Sunday morning - and we discussed the holiday plans, coddling a steaming mug of tea, beside a cosy fire. It was a perfect remedy for a dreary, damp day.

My daughter and I caught up last night with a nice long phone chat. She lives just far enough away that we miss the day to day contact that I have with my other two girls. We plotted our Christmas plans and ploys and of course dragged out some dusty stories from the musty memory sack for a few chuckles. Can't wait to have her home for a few days.

Faraway sister also checked in to tell me she loved the pictures of our Christmas tree that I posted on Facebook. She and her family won't be with us for Christmas this year so she's on stand by ... and it won't be quite the same - a little quieter and definitely more wine in the bottle! (Just kidding - it was a weak attempt to transfer guilt).

And I think I got my last call from my Pops tonight before he flies his snowbird self home for the holidays. I had to update him on the lack of snow, give a weather report, briefly discuss the prospect and  insanity of not passing  universal health care in the US, hear about his citrus crop, review the attendance for Christmas dinner etc (you get the picture).

So now I feel organized and set -  the gang have all checked in, our buffet is lined with sparkly, thoughtful Christmas cards, two parcels arrived in the mail  and my new box of cards calls from the coffee table for addresses. All a precursor for the good times to come.

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