Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fast and Furious

Fast and furious. That's how the Christmas Hurricane arrived. We prepared for months, weeks and minutes up to its arrival and then when it finally rolled in - we gathered; we laughed; we ate; we remembered; we toasted our loved ones who were missing; and best of all, we simply enjoyed.

And then it blew over - quickly. For as we know,
Christmas does not linger, but the memories do.

I stole today - Boxing Day - for myself. And to an outsider, it may have looked as though I did nothing. And it would be true. I did nothing - consciously; deliberately; mindfully - to soak up every ounce of  serenity the day had to offer. Not a day wasted - but rather a day spent puttering, replaying, and reflecting. I am hoping that my blogger friends were fortunate enough to get some well deserved quiet time for themselves as well.

It is the calm aftermath of the frenzy -- the frenzy we love so much that comes and goes - fast and furiously!

That's right -- a green (soggy)  Christmas!


  1. Hi Lyn, I cannot believe it is green there! We are enjoying snow up here in the frozen north :0 and soon will be home to plant bulbs.
    I'm glad that you had an enjoyable Christmas :)

  2. More twinning activity, or rather none activity going on here.
    Just gotta cope with not staying flat though....

  3. I think the stillness is special too - hustle and bustle needs the contrast to balance it out.


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