Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just Joy

So I may as well come clean -- my goal of having all of my Christmas shopping done by the end of November is just that -- a goal -- one that was not met. Not a present has been got! I had what I thought was an excellent plan for peace of mind. It seems that the universe had other ideas.

Instead I will be out and about in the Christmas bustle, rubbing elbows with cranky, overspending parents, and passing by countless Sally Ann donation kettles as I smile apologetically - explaining that I have already given about twenty times already. It also means that I will be thrust into the magically decorated streets, nostalgic Christmas music blaring through outside speakers to wander and browse the sweet little shops on our main street. I will have no choice but to pause at the Coffee Grinder for a cuppa something hot and steamy or support my local economy by picking up some brownie cookies and cinnamon buns from the Blackforest Bakery. And I'll have to personally select international fair trade treasures from Ten Thousand Villages for my little family and friends. What's a girl to do besides keeping a pocketful of loonies for the kettle.

Can you tell I love this season and all of the crazy-busy cooking, shopping, cleaning, creating, decorating, sharing and visiting that comes along with it? Each day will be jam packed but as I decided a few years back, I will savour each and every task, and complete each with love in my heart. I will walk about with a heart full of gratitude for the large, extended,  loving family to share the holidays with, and extend my generosity to those beyond my own in this giving season.

No complaining ...just joy ... my new goal!


  1. Joyeux Noël will be an appropriate greeting for you then,eh? No doubt while you warble the carol 'Joy to the world...' LOL

  2. I will be out shopping too. I actually went out the last day of November, bought a bunch of gifts, and came home to a red-light camera tickets of $78. I then wanted to return all the gifts until next paycheck. Haha. But at least I bought something. I love shopping for holidays gifts, listening to Christmas music, making Christmas cookies, participating in holiday gift exchanges, etc. Yeah for the Holidays!!!

  3. I can't wait to go Christmas shopping again. :) I got the bulk of it out of the way around 5am on black Friday morning, but there are still a few things left to pick up. ;)

    I love everything about Christmastime, but especially the smells. The sweet roasted nuts and cinnamon spices and mints. Yummm. :)

  4. Sounds like great fun, with lots of joy, of course! Thanks for setting an inspiring mood for Christmas :)


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