Thursday, December 10, 2009

Late Start - Sweet End

I woke up perky at 5 am. Contented that I had another hour to sleep, I closed my eyes for just a few more minutes. I broke away from my conversation with Bill Clinton and Einstein (crazy dream) to roll over and check the clock. Horrors! I slept in - for one of the few times in my entire working life. Bill was so charming and Einstein - riveting.  I bolted, showered, dressed and clumsily applied some war paint - all in eleven minutes. I had the commute to breath deeply and decompress but it got my day off on shaky footing.

It was a blustery, bitterly cold day today - I still haven't defrosted not my toes anyway. My hair wasn't washed, my toes were (still are) freezing and I had to pump gas without gloves. brrrr

The sweet crept in at the end of the day when I drove into the city to meet my lifelong friend J for dinner. We don't do it often so our visits are cherished tasty morsels. A few hours with J melts the chill and brings me home. We munched on health comfort food -chili nachos and sweet potato fries - and sipped our wine as we got caught up with one another. Sweet. As I drove home I had to chuckle that the day that had started out so frantically had ended so happily and peacefully.

Now it is a little late - so I'm off to bed so that tomorrow - I won't be ... a little late.

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  1. I hate when I over-sleep. I don't think I've ever actually been late to work for that particular reason. However, last Friday I got to the bus stop only to realize I had left my purse at home. By the time I made it home and back to the bus stop, the bus was pulling out. I was so happy it was Friday!


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