Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not For Granted

I was just reading my tweets and came across one about the issue of sanitation - or lack thereof - in developing countries. It got me thinking about everyday things I take for granted ... things that would mean much to others who do without.
My list:
  1. shiny, private porcelain toilets that flush - not one - but four!
  2. a comfortable bed and fresh sheets - and a dog to keep my feet warm
  3. soap
  4. running water - not to mention hot water
  5. refrigerator -- and lucky me -- an ice maker
  6. a bowl for my milk and cereal
  7. central heat and cental air conditioning
  8. more clothes than I could ever wear out
  9. tampons
  10. electricity
So from now on, when I enjoy the comfort and convenience of any of the above mentioned blessings, I will do so mindfully and in full appreciation of my good fortune. With every flush I will reflect on the millions/ billions around the planet who do not enjoy the comfort or luxury of privacy, a smooth seat and magazine.

What do I have to complain about - really???  And that is my take away for today!

Sustainable Water Supply  & Sanitation for All People - is a cause that can affect billions of people. Check out the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), a global multi-stakeholder partnership organisation that works to improve the lives of poor people. The World's Longest Toilet Queue is taking place on 22 March, World Water Day 2010.  Join the online queue. I did!


  1. What wonderful posts (this and the previous one)!! Thoroughly enjoyed your appreciation in both. I often think of all the things I am so lucky to have that sooo many other aren't... like fresh vegetables and any other nutritious food I need... I sleep without the sound of bombs all around... I walk, see, hear, taste, touch and fully appreciate them all... there are so many wonderful, caring people in my life...

    And on that note, here's one good-hearted soul wishing another ALL the BEST in the New Year. :)

  2. Beautiful post. Yes, indeed we are all so richly blessed. We so easily mistake our wants for needs. Thanks for the reminder.


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