Sunday, December 6, 2009

Putting on the Christmas Ritz

Another traditional ritual has been kept - sort of. My big girl came over to help me decorate the house for Christmas and Kidlet made it home in time to hang her favourite ornaments on the tree. For the first time, middle daughter Harmony was missing. It felt strange.

I can't complain though ... the tree decorating tradition had remained unchanged for 23 years, and now that my girls are grown ups, I can expect more "adaptations" - lots of good ones too I'm sure.

The tattered boxes that held the tree treasures were stacked three high. Each ornament has special significance - and each one has been a gift; I have not purchased a single one.  Our tree is no Homes and Gardens, but rather, an eclectic mish mash of homemade craft projects, Goebels china figurines, pictures of the girls, superheroes, brass bells, and angels all topped off with a linen angel to watch over us. We laughed in awe that Kidlet's homemade garland of macaroni and froot loops survived yet another year - now counting thirteen.

Each ornament is supercharged with the DNA of Christmas' past - one touch triggering a flood of images and memories. These monumental holiday seasons are emotionally charged and can deliver joy exponentially - the first time you experience it and then each year thereafter that these special times are relived and recounted.

So tonight, after a long day of cleaning, decorating and remembering, I sit here, fire blazing, tree sparkling and a row of Christmas stockings hanging from the mantel. Our home is cozied up and I surrender gratefully to the cocoon of peace and serenity invoked by my favourite time of year. 

It is my deepest desire that all could be so fortunate and full to overflowing.


  1. Sounds wonderful. It is good to know the joy of counting your blessings even as you count them.

    PS ~ It scares me that Fruit Loops can last for 13 years. :-)

  2. Oh Lyn I love your Christmas posts! It feels like everyone got a tree this weekend and now i'm anxious to get ours.
    I love this time of year, all the rituals that bring our familys together, or most of them anyway. Like you said, when the kids grow up and can't be there, we readjust. ah, well!

  3. oh it sounds lovely round at your house.
    Our tree will go up later this week, and hopefully my youngest son will be around to help. Otherwise I'll have to make do with me and the dog!
    Our stockings are tiny ones and the youngests was made at nursery school 15 years ago
    PS I've put my followers gadget back on under my blog roll!

  4. I love this blog and the sound of your tree. Ours is also a mishmash of treasures ... one or 2 from my grandparents, many from my childhood, the rest aquired, each with a fantastic memory. Christmas is a great time to remember the past through the stories :)


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