Saturday, December 5, 2009

Signs of the Times

I predict alot of Christmas themed posts in the upcoming weeks, so be forewarned. Not sure Gravol will cure nausea resulting from reading sticky sweet, sentimental, bleeding heart posts related to all things Christmas. I have no will power - I simply cannot resist. And why would I - with this magical season lasting a mere three or four weeks, I want to wring out every ounce of wonderful.

One of the upsides of being a blogger is that I have become more observant to everything and everyone around me. It has deepened my appreciation and gratitude, and inspired me to take notice of signs...

Yesterday as I ventured out for my inaugural shopping expedition, I was reminded that I was having a Canadian Christmas (whatever that means -- touques and beer??).  A station wagon drove by with a scotch pine strapped to the roof and I couldn't help thinking that it was a perfect sign of the times ... it was indeed that time of year.

Today was a great day to do grocery shopping. There were volunteers outside handing out pamphlets from Food For Life asking people to consider donating a turkey so an underprivileged family could enjoy a nice Christmas dinner as well. Coincidentally the grocery store was running a special that awarded a free turkey ($25 value) to anyone spending $250 or more. I filled my cart. We only shop twice a month so I didn't think it would be  a problem to spend that much. I stocked up on stuff, and bought extra stocking stuffers - even tea towels (for wrapping). When the cashier rang up the bill, I had spent $250.67! Talk about cutting it close! I was able to leave the store and hand over my prebasted frozen turkey to the charity waiting outside with a big refrigerated truck. Technically, the store donated a turkey on my behalf. It still felt good.

Tonight we had the first holiday gathering of season at hubby's uncle's place. We crossed the threshold into a wonderland - with decorating that  rivaled Homes and Gardens and planted us staunchly in Christmas. No excuse not to be in the mood now ... I love all of the visiting!

I have no right to ask for anything more, but I admit that I am praying for, affirming and singing for a white Canadian Christmas. Let it snow!

A few more signs of the times ...

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  1. Oh this sounds like a blog after my own heart. I've been getting soppy over reindeer and Snow White who were with Father Christmas yesterday. Just love the whole Christmas thing,even the dreadful maudlin Christmas movies. bring it on.


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