Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's the Message?

I heard it from the kitchen. A very distinct, loud ticking sound. It was rhythmic - three steady, measured beats ... a few seconds rest ... and then three beats repeated. It sounded like a summons. I stood in the dining room doorway, head cocked ot one side, for a better listen. It was coming from the living room near the front window. It sounded like an animal in the house ... a big fat, oversized mouse (???) perhaps gnawing on the leg of the couch?  Where was Fritz the hyper, mousing schnauzer when I needed him?

I approached tentatively ... eyes quickly scanning for an escape/ safe route should a GIANT mouse leap out to confront me. Where to leap? How to protect my toes from being trampled by little, creepy mouse claws? (OK - even I think I'm sounding wimpy at this point). S l o w l y, cautiously, with stealthlike precision I tiptoed my way across the room and peered (hands covering all but my one eye) around the edge of the arm of the couch.

And there it was. A big FAT cardinal -- sitting on the ledge, fearlessly pecking the window. We stared one another down ... yet he continued. What was he trying to tell me?? I felt as though he was delivering an urgent message and I sensed his annoyance at my incomprehension. After what seemed like an eternity, I motioned to grab my trusty Canon - and I broke the magical spell. Off she flew (her muted colour was that of a mama bird) leaving me somewhat rattled and mystified. I turned to walk away and there was Fritz, looking just a puzzled as me - looking but NOT yapping.

It was a wondrous sight, yet I can't help feeling I didn't get the message -- yet!

OMG -- it's back again!


  1. Cardinals are the state bird of Ohio, you know :)
    Maybe it's a sign that you're supposed to come whisk me away to Canada with you, lol
    But honestly that sounds like a really intense moment; I'm curious to see what happens now that she's returned!

  2. OK - so this bird has been teasing me all morning. Tap tap tap -- I grab camera and hit the carpet navy seals style -- and when I pop up to take the shot, she's no where in sight! Strange thing is how Fritz is acting -- or not acting. He is perfectly calm, and for a dog who barks when the furncace turns on - this is more than peculiar.

  3. I did a little digging around and managed to find a few interpretations for a cardinal appearing in your life -

    Don't know if this helps, but I thought it was interesting!

  4. That seems like the message is 'If at first you don't succeed, try and try again!'Otherwise, why is the bird back for more?! :)

  5. Hope you got you photo by now!!! What a curious and wonderful experience!!! Love it!! Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful New Year!!! All the best to you and yours in 2010! Much love, Janine XO

  6. I had a robin like this last year!

  7. Lyn, bittersweet and not for granted were such lovely posts, i'm sorry i'm always so late, it seems i'm 2 steps behind everything these days :) ah well, i appreciate your posts so much and i really love the way you write. Do you write for a living? you should.
    Maybe look at native american wisdom, the animal totems might give a clue.
    i think you are lucky. he likes you.

  8. UPDATE: The cardinal visited sporadically all morning ... taunting me by flying off before I could get a shot - no matter how quick I was! Fritz never barked once - just stared quizically at me, headed tilted. We were both confused. My dad said he thinks the bird saw his reflection in the glass and was pecking at it. Who knows?


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