Friday, January 8, 2010

First Week Back

Well, I made it! After being off on two weeks of relative relaxation, I found the first week back at work to be so  l o n g.  It's taken all week to fall back into a routine. But now it's under my belt and life as I once knew it has resumed.

Drooping eyes. That's me  tonight, on the eve of the weekend - the sweet reward for a week's work. So I am going to roll with it, get some sleep and greet Saturday head on, refreshed.

But the good news is that I am ending the week better off than when I started it. I am  less stiff, stronger and more determined. And for that I am grateful.


  1. Hi Lyn. I've been unable to get to any blogs for so long, so have been really enjoying catching up on yours! I loved the post about your dad (same birthday as my mum) and I will definitely be checking out his blog too! I like the idea of the "dark before dawn" and also feel hopeful and inspired for a fresh new year. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Yay! it's the weekend! enjoy it Lyn. I am sitting here listening to the waves crashing (while typing of course) and have nothing else planned. I love it when that happens after a long and busy work week.

  3. Oh, I'm glad!!! Congrats for surviving the week!!!! Have a fabulously relaxing weekend!!! Love you! Janine XO


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