Sunday, January 3, 2010

Forks in the Road

It's bringing back memories ... Kidlet and I sat perched in front of her computer filling out her application to university. Selections! What university? What program? What major?  So many decisions to make for what must seem like monumental, permanent choices to her. In reality, she is choosing her start and from there she will discover her passion and true intention.

I can remember that time in my life when infinite possibility stretched out before me, and the choices seemed limitless. I obsessed over the many options, picturing myself in various roles. My application reflected my diverse interests and desire to be everything. I applied to be a journalist, nurse, photographer, social worker, lab technician (what was I thinking???), and to a radio and tv arts program, which is where I ended up. I packed up my optimism and hopes for my future,  left the security of a loving family and small town and headed off to school in the big city. I couldn't wait to get started on my grown up life.

Now I watch my daughter - my youngest babe - at those same crossroads. She seems to be mildly excited and it was only after her marks from the past year popped up on the application that the reality of it all seemed to hit home. "They know my name and my marks". The wheels are in motion now for an exciting adventure ... getting decent grades; waiting to hear if and where she is accepted and then more decisions.

The reality of it all is starting to hit home for me too. When my middle daughter moved out to go to university it left a little hollow in the house and in my heart. I knew she would never live at home the same way again. My baby had left the nest. But I had two others left at home whose chatter, laughter and comings and goings filled the house and helped kill the silence. This time it won't be as easy. Kidlet is the last. The bedrooms will be empty and much cleaner; there will be no stream of teens through the house, no pile of shoes at the door, and no impish face to kiss goodnight. Fritz will have to do and hubby will have to prepare to have his ear talked off. Me? I will have to adjust.

Kidlet is at a fork in the road and I suppose I am too. And that is what makes life so envigorating and exciting, and that is my take away from today!


  1. Oh I feel for you Lyn. I've only just gone through this myself, with my last child. Now she is back home after one quarter and we are readjusting after the first major adjustment last fall. There are a lot of decisions to make for our young girls, but i know they'll figure it out and we will always be there to help! blogging about it helped me also, i know it'll help you.
    such cute photos!

  2. Aw Lyn! It won't be toooo bad! I was freaking out when I was scheduled to start college, I had images of fire and brimstone, but I made it out okay (so far lol).
    Tell Kidlet I say good luck!
    And good luck to you!

  3. It's such a big thing the babies leaving home ( even if they come back later!) And you both need to look at your opportunities. I know this and am trying hard to sort it out!!


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