Friday, January 15, 2010

Hearts of Hope

The world as they knew it
Evaporated,  ceased to be.
They are emerging from rubble
Arms outstretched.
The need - so very great.

Will we heed their calls?
We have so much, in fact
More than we need.
It just takes many (each of us)
To give a little.

They are emerging from the rubble
Triumpant and determined.
Life is already resuming
With spirits rising, unifying.
Will we rise with them?

Hearts of hope to the people of Haiti ...
we're listening.


  1. Really beautiful, Lyn. You have an amazing way with words.

  2. My heart hurts too. So much devastation. So unfair. I'll do what i can to help. I'll pray too.

  3. Lovely words Lyn. I hope though people are doing more than listening and putting their hands deep in their pockets.


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