Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In Search of My Waistline

Waistline ...
Where have you gone?
You used to sit so snug above my hips
clearly deliniating the bottom half from the top.
You were the place I wore my belt.
When extra pounds were added
they flocked to my existing curves
and left you unscathed.
When other parts let me down
you were always true.

But this past year
you seemed to have disappeared.
When I don my favourite belt
I am left to guess the approximate
spot you used to be.
Mock waist.
The landscape has changed.
The hourglass has given way to a cylinder.
My body profile triggers pregnancy flashbacks!
Flat backside and lots of stuff out front.
It's comical really ...
I think an alien abducted my former body or
at least my waistline.

So here I am - in search of  you.
I won't find you on milk cartons
or in closets.
But I may find you at the gym.
So I'm going to keep showing up
on my lunch hours
And maybe - just maybe
You'll reappear.

I miss you!


  1. you are so funny lyn,
    good luck with rediscovering your waist, it'll happen! (oh the gym is torture) :(

  2. Lori - I actually love my gym -- or at least the interesting people that go there. One of these days I am going to dedicate a post to "my friends in fitness" at my gym. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love this post! Good for you for being persistent ... I'm sure it will turn up there sooner than you think!


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