Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Snippets

waking with a cold nose cocooned in  a down duvet
puttering in bare feet, looking for slippers
making hot coffee and French toast with maple syrup
blogging and watching CNN
chatting with Dad from Florida
stripping beds and doing laundry
bundling up and venturing out into frigid
banking and shopping
watching Kidlet's game
chopping, peeling and cooking
folding laundry and daydreaming
catching up with MIH
catching up with Big Girl
savouring a piece of KitKat left over from Christmas
making tea
hanging with Kidlet
drifting off
winding down
closing up
bidding all a good night.

And how was your Saturday?


  1. lovely saturday Lyn. mine was good, i love having the day off, so it's always good for me. kids, puppies, flea markets, dinner reservations, these are some of the things that made up our day.

  2. Winding down as well...
    it was cold and snowy
    10 inches or more
    The fire in the wood-stove kept me warm
    I stir my mental soup and supped with the kidlets on laughter and love.
    a good day all in all..

  3. I walked with my very good friend Trosers for 6 miles before going to the pub for lunch.
    Then treated myself to the latest Harry Potter DVD and some choc.
    Good day

  4. Well, now it's Sunday here, and boy, am I glad I've just eaten a finger of KitKat, or your post would have made my mouth water! :)

  5. Not sure if I'm about to repeat myself - the comment went so fast!

    I said that I was gald I'd just finished a finger of KitKat, or your post would have made my mouth water! :)


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