Friday, January 29, 2010

Stood Up - Almost

So NOW you decide to show up!
You were expected last December and you were a no show.
Oh sure, you dropped by briefly with empty promises of a quick return ...
you stood us up.

We resigned ourselves that you weren't coming
The salt by the door, the shovel standing sentry - both used but once
Don't get me wrong, we weren't disappointed
But you could have called.

Like an unwelcomed guest you blew in last night
And greeted me full force this morning.
Winter - we thought we had dodged your wrath
But apparently not.

Please don't settle in for a lengthy stay
When you failed to make an appearance
We started looking foward to Spring
Albeit optimistically - and prematurely.

So now you've made yourself known
Just in the nick of winter time
And even though I complain about you
It just wouldn't be the same without you!


  1. Winter seems as far off as anything, to me! Hope the cold doesn't stay around for too long..

    I've been catching up on all your lots of posts! (Oh, Kidlet's shoes!!!) Great to see the Africa trip is full steam ahead, and I did enjoy the Simple Pleasures, too :)

  2. The last two lines are just so perfect!


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