Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Cooking Bliss

Gord Lightfoot is crooning "Softy" in the background - and there's no one around (but Fritz) to complain. Perfectly chilled glass of wine - the white variety - poured in a stemless - seemed more practical for cooking to sip as I cook. Chopping carrots, parsnips, onions and rutabaga (we called them turnips when I was growing up - and I still do) for the oven roast. Bliss. That's what this ritual of cooking Sunday dinner is ... pure bliss.

I rubbed the sirloin roast with the mixture of herbs and spices I pulled from our cupboard collection. I try really hard not to lick my fingers as I cook ... I try really hard. A quick blast in the fry pan to brown it and then the slab of meat was popped into the oven, with only the veggies to keep it company.

Now comes the pay off ... the homey aroma of  the meat roasting is filling the house. And it's making me a little weepy. No - it isn't the wine! The aroma (and Gordon's lyrics) trigger memories of countless Sunday dinners cooked by my grandmother, my mother, my father, my husband, my father in law ... and now me. They conjure up the sights and sounds of an overcrowded dining room table, loud chatter, people reaching across to pass the food, a spill or two (usually caused by me), and pure bliss.

I miss those who are no longer among us to sit around our table ... but I remember them all. And I work hard to continue the tradition. Actually the tradition is in the gravy making ....

Gotta go -- Early Morning Rain is playing and it requires my full attention. Gosh - am I hungry!


  1. Lynda, you make me lonesome for those Sunday dinners that our fanily shares. looking forward to those meals together again in about 4 months time.

  2. What a lovely post Lyn. I laughed first at the funny potato man and then sighed at your memories (and got hungry at your delicious meal). i LOVE those stemless glasses, although i prefer red wine. the glasses bring it to a perfect temperature for me. i think the chilled wine would feel good in your hands too, when your warmed up cooking!
    enjoy your meal and your sunday.

  3. Looks great, sounds fabulous :)

  4. Lovely Sunday post - I'm sure that dinner was just perfect!

  5. Was Mr Potatohead your creation? If so, full marks for a job well done!

  6. Thanks for all of your comments ... Polar Bear: yes. in only a few months we'll have our share of famjams!

    Lori, Cuz and Karen: Thank you. We did enjoy it and had a nice family meal.

    Jinksy: Yes, Mr Potatohead was my creation - the combined result of an odd spud and my handy paring knife. I liberated him and gave him some hair! I was having a little bit too much fun in the kitchen.


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