Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Super Hero

He's a big guy, my Dad - actually he is larger than life. And I don't think he would mind me saying that today he is turning 73. I'm one of the lucky ones. Not only do I still have my Dad with me,  I have a remarkable man for a father, who is the epicentre and heartbeat of our family. I have written alot about his abilities and achievements but with each passing year, it is our relationship that I have come to cherish  more than ever.

After my mom passed on, my dad became more to me than someone to admire or to turn to for advice; we forged a kinship of sorts born from hours of conversation, shared grief and living under the same roof - a kinship rooted in authenticity. We discussed our ideas, argued politics and philosophical ideologies and explored the meaning of life. He became my trusted confidante.

So on his birthday I want to thank him for his greatest gift to me ... being a shining example of how to live:
  • to live each day fully, heart and soul;
  • to be a giver not a taker; 
  • to care - and make a difference;
  • to be a loyal friend;
  • to dream;
  • to be a life long learner;
  • to see wonder and joy in  nature and the extraordinary in the ordinary.
  • to multiply the richness of experience by sharing them with someone you love.
He has made tracks so deep and vast that I could never hope to follow in them. (He covered alot of ground).  In the spirit of growing and evolving, he continues leave footprints in the snow with his own blog, Peering Through a Porthole. My dad the blogger! And he has alot to share. His resume lists accomplishments that would put him at about 150 years old. He packs more passion and vitality into a day than most do in a week. I can only hope that we will be eating his home preserved pickles, spaghetti sauce and organic vegetables with him for years to come.

So you guessed it ... he is my super hero - my Dad. Happy Birthday Pops.

You can read more about my dad. (really - he's super cool).

Note: This picture was taken outside his cabin on the tundra when he lived in the high Arctic a few years back. Adventure Man.


  1. I'm guessing he would write close to the same words about you. <3. Such a lovely sentiment. I think when dads and daughters are close, it bridges a lot of rough waters and makes life shinier. My dad has certainly done that for me.

  2. How lovely he is! What a tribute!

  3. You are lucky Lyn. Happy Birthday to your Dad, may he have many more!
    And I agree with Smarts first sentence.
    You are very special too.


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