Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am convinced that the degree of enthusiasm with which you embrace aging is directly proportionate to your level of satisfaction with, and contentment in your life.

Live and thrive
Don't just survive.

Aging to someone who is living the life they want to be living is a footnote; a gentle scorekeeper of more good things to come.


  1. Wise words.

    In 11 days time I will be 56, and I have never got more from my life than I do now for my self.


  2. I'm sorry to be late in wishing you a Happy 50th Lyn! how exciting and special, your posts on aging make me smile. you are a very lovely person.

    and happy almost birthday to you too mandy!

  3. I very much like what you are saying here and I also believe it to be true.

    best wishes
    Robyn :)


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