Friday, March 5, 2010

Something(s) to Smile About

This is me today (without the rosacea) ... for lots of reasons. The sun came out in all its golden brilliance after a long hiatus. Just like the first flowers of spring, sunshine on my face with a sapphire sky after so many gray days made it all the more appreciated. Spring -- I am not sure if you are here for a long time or a good time, but I'll take whatever you have to offer.

My sister was able to shower (thank goodness) just days after her shower, and is fighting back to health. I just want to see her stitches!

I finished the small mountain of work I had let accumulate at the office and now - finally, sleepy and spent, I can exhale and rest peacefully.

I am off to the nation's capital for work, but will see my far away sister while I am there. I will laugh much - guaranteed -- especially if she contorts into one of her double jointed postures worthy of Cirque du Soleil.

My two gal pals will join me in Ottawa for a few days of pre half century birthday celebrations. I can see us now - giggling in the Parliament public gallery - catcalling the Prime Minister. Fingers crossed that the Rideau Canal is still frozen so we can skate on our ankles and gnaw on beaver tails. Darn! I just checked the website and it says that the public skating on the canal is officially closed for the season. Blame it on global warming. Oh well -- the hotel hot tub will have to do. Maybe we can find an icicle to suck on.

And if those weren't enough reasons to smile, I got to the Indian food leftovers before Kidlet. A first!  

Hope you are all feeling as yellow and sunny as me today and that you have a great weekend!


  1. Things are sounding great! Also LOVE Indian food!

  2. As soon as I pulled up your page, I started giggling, Lyn!!! Oh, I love the smiley dude ;-) Sooo fun!!! And brings out a smile on my face to match!! Yes, it sounds like you have a lot to celebrate!!! Even if the clouds return temporarily, you will be sunny...Spring is in your soul!!! Thank you for sharing it with me!!! Love you!! Janine XO

  3. I love this post - very sunny and warm :) Say hi to far away sis and family from me too :)


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