Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stand Up

I am mobilized, off my butt, vertical! And it is fear that is driving me.

While I was researching an article I am writing on the health effects of prolonged sitting (I may be an expert on that ... the sitting part) I came across new research that showed that sitting for long periods of time without breaking it up can make you very ill, regardless if you exercise or not. Not just sore backs and necks ... we're talking diabetes and elevated blood and fats levels, larger waistlines and increased risk of cancer.  Terrifying!

I sit tethered to my desk all day and often hours go by without me moving out of my chair or even standing up. And this winter, I logged more couch time that I am willing to admit. Kidlet's independence and her driver's license meant I was off the hook to taking her to practice most nights - more unexpected downtime.

So for some reason, that information I excavated has resonated with me a strange way. I find myself getting sudden urges to leap to my feet. Visions of a flattening backside propel me towards the treadmill. And the ring around my middle has me yearning to crunch. I am going to make a point of standing up when I talk on the phone - even at work.

I read that Nicolas Sparks the author sets his hourglass and takes five minutes at the start of every new hour to stretch and do sit-ups and push-ups. Maybe he read the info too.

I want to stay healthy and vibrant. I want to live for a very long time. So this aging thing, I can't take it sitting down!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Lyn! I agree, we all need to move more. We can't get enough movement, actually. I'm thankful for my job and just how many steps I get in everyday, sitting is a luxury!

    Keep those crunches going, they're so worth it. :)

  2. good reminder lyn! it's better to catch it in bits and pieces (exercise) rather than waiting for a block of time (that doesn't come often). it's an ongoing thing here.

  3. I have to sit with a client for an hour at time, the minute the client is away I'm up and running, fixing a comfort break and another coffee... oh no no what about the dangers of coffee!

  4. Amen Sister ox

    I guess the crunches from chips will have to change to carrots for me.

    Is it too late if I have been sitting at a desk job for 30 years?

    I think not... I hope it is better now than never..Right?

    Thanks for the information and inspiration Lynda.

    Daughter #2

  5. This was exactly what I needed to read right now, as I'm sitting at work and have been for the past 4 hours and my neck is starting to feel tight...I'm going for a walk!
    I love the suggestion to get up and stretch the first 5 minutes of every hour. I'm going to set a timer for myself starting today! :)


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