Friday, March 19, 2010

Walking on Sunshine

Happy -- that's me! The sun has been shining brilliantly all week with record high temps. It's been warmer here than in Florida. What a gift! And even better, today is my day off. A whole day - hours and minutes that are I mine to spend however ...

Hubby and I took a stroll down the main street in our town the other night, as the sun was still high in the sky at dinnertime. Blooming pots of pastel tulips and spring flowers spilled onto the sidewalk heralding the arrival of springtme. Smiling faces, couples walking hand in hand, dog lovers strutting their beloved pups and the chatter and laughter of a joyful community basking in the renewal of nature - it seemed as though we had all received the same memo -- enjoy the moment. And we did.

That is the gift in our four distinct seasons .... appreciation for change and the possibilities and surprises each delivers. After living through our harsh Canadian winter, the most beautiful flowers are the first of the season. The tender green buds on a tree are the most precious - holding the promise of warmth and sunshine to come.

Springtime ... inhale deeply. Close you eyes and feel the peace as you slowly breath out. You can let it go, 'cause it looks as though Spring isn't going anywhere. And on that note, I am off for a walk in the sunshine.


  1. I am just watching the grass as it changes from dull brown to sparkling green as the shoots make their way up into the spring world... lovely
    Just makes the world feel lighter and me better.

  2. I love the first pic! Enjoy your spring season ... we are too!

  3. Ahhh, what a great feeling fills the air when this happens. It is like everyone is pulsing with joy and happiness all at once. Nothing better!

  4. I'm glad you're so happy!!


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