Saturday, April 24, 2010

Africa Calling ... Sharing the Journey

Kidlet and I are teaming up to document our upcoming trip to Kenya with Free the Children. We started a  (yet another) new blog entitled Africa Calling. This blog is for totally selfish reasons; our mother-daughter adventure (before Kidlet flies the coup) is worthy of proper documentation and memory preservation.

Africa aside, I wonder how well we will get along with more togetherness than we've had in years.  Kidlet says she thinks we'll manage just fine, "we'll just need each other too much!". I hope she is right!

For anyone else interested in a volunteer vacation, I hope this can provide some valuable insights and information. We're sharing all legs of the journey - from the preparation, paperwork, packing list, itinerary and finally, our posts as we travel and volunteer with Free the Children.

Africa Calling ...


  1. So Cool! I know you'll have a fantastic time.

  2. Exciting times ahead! Awesome that you will be sharing the journey with us all. Thanks!

  3. I think the new blog is great! I'll definitely be following!

  4. I can't wait to read post about your volunteer vacation.


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