Saturday, April 17, 2010

Be Real

I just saw a commercial for running shoes that claimed to tone your butt and ham strings simply by wearing them. I assume they work best if you are moving around. And apparently you can lose double digits inches off your belly, back, butt and thighs by wearning magical underwear -- Spanx? My grandmother called them girdles. I call it bondage.

The barrage of advertising aimed at perfecting our imperfections is staggering and it's aimed squarely (disproportionately) at women. Judging by the ads women have alot of things to repair, upgrade, conceal, replace and maintain. I don't see too many ads suggesting how men can lose their belly fat or that unwanted hair in their noses, ears, or on their backs. Not many ads for products that can make every male body part smell like a box of chocolates!

A few things come to mind:

One - some clever sleazeballs are making scads of money from  women's insecurities; and
Two - we really need to reconcile - make peace with our image - and be content with ourselves, just the way we are. We need to get real.

Remember my posts on the booty pop and bump it?


  1. I think it is we women who are hardest on ourselves. Men for the most part just don't care about those things you mentioned.
    I agree with you Lyn, but i think we have ourselves to blame.
    I want to be fit but it's because it improves my quality of life, not because i care about how i look.
    I think we should all be aiming for good health, that should be our goal.

  2. Lori - I agree with your comment about having ourselves to blame. That's what I meant when I said we have to get real. Health should trump image. That's what is so funny about those Spanx -- if you can't be lean and fit - just look like you are! Odd. And yes, absolutely, good health should be our goal, so we can live full, long lives -- being our authentic selves! And we have to teach our children that.

  3. for what its worth...authenticity and experiencing someone's authentic self (I love that phrase...can I use it?) is very compelling and appealing...


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