Thursday, April 15, 2010

Simple Time

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For my birthday Hubby gave me tickets to the James Taylor/Carole King Troubadour tour. *sweet*   It's no secret how much I LOVE acoustic, singer/songwriters and these are two of my favourite. Okay, maybe I'm stuck in a bit of  time warp. Do you think??

Carole King is from the decade before I was a teen but then again I've always felt I was born ten years too late. I related to the laid back, folksy vibe of the late sixties and early seventies and loathed the overproduced sounds of disco and the eighties' music. boo to that!  Give me an artist who can sit at a piano or with their guitar and sing their own material - and sound like their recordings. Enter John Denver. It was not cool to like John Denver ... in fact I don't remember any of my friends liking JD. I was pretty much the lone folk freak in my crowd. But his soaring vocals singing the virtues of nature and freedom and of course, love and peace were the anthems of my teenage-hood.

But with that folksy vibe, came a relaxed way of life. Dressing was easy ... what shirt to wear with your jeans. You washed your hair with baby shampoo - no products required, and sexy hair was shiny and soft to the touch.  I don't remember alot of conversation and fretting about weight - maybe that's because there wasn't alot of show and tell in the body parts department. The thong hadn't been invented (so there was something between me and my Calvins) and neither had lingerie for teenagers.

Life was simple and natural was in. My friend Jill once cracked that my "style" hadn't changed since the seventies ... and it occurred to me today as I hung up my favourite LL Bean flannel shirt that she may be right. So cultural rut or not - I am going to be in acoustic heaven when I go to the concert next month -- and something tells me there are going to be alot of long gray ponytails in the audience - and I'm not talking about the girls!

Now what shirt should I wear with my jeans?


  1. What an amazing gift! I'm sure hubby got some brownie points for that one!

  2. Wear Tie Dye with your jeans, of course! (Check Ebay to find some cool stuff :>)

  3. I saw them at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Easter Monday ...At the beginning of their tour ...they did 4 encores.

    Pure total magic. I was in heaven and I'll never forget it!

    It felt in a way like it joined together my early life with now.

    Enjoy xxxx

  4. Shirt and jeans - my uniform!

  5. Jon: Hubby earned BIG TIME brownie points ... and yes I am lucky!

    Donna: Gonna have to check that out. I may have to get crafty and do it myself (tie dye).

    Sarah: Lucky you. Now you have me really excited. I have a feeling this is going to be a night to remember ... for sure.

    Jinksy: Me too! And why change now?

  6. Enjoy the concert!! I'll skip the JD, but the jeans, shirt, acoustic guitar and relaxed lifestyle are all keepers on the west coast :)


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