Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Times Are A' Changing

Well Easter is not quite what it used to be .., no little feet pounding the staircase; no squeals of victory upon discovery of sugary treats; no fancy little baskets brimming with more chocolate than any human has a right to ingest.

We had a family dinner on Good Friday, freeing up my girls to spend Easter Sunday with other members of the family. Kidlet had a hockey tournament  and my eldest daughter hosted Passover at her place for her Jewish family. So this morning, hubby and I got up to enjoy the glorious sunshine of the day. We took to the road for a Sunday drive, exploring the quaint villages and shops along the way. As we drove, I leaned my head against the window - and as the farmland, barns and wetlands  rolled by, scenes of Easters passed scrolled in my memory.

Of course I had bought my loved ones some chocolate treats but without the excitement of Easter morning and the egg hunt, it felt as though something was missing. It felt odd for hubby and I to have this day to spend together. And although I enjoyed the warmth of my hand in his as we strolled along, and the time we had together, I couldn't help but marvel had how the times had changed.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.


  1. i admire the way you handled this. i had a few tears this morning, so surprised at myself. but i knew it was the memories of the past. now it's quite different for us too. why didn't i see this coming? of course they don't stay small forever.

  2. The only way I could deal with it was close my mind to the excitment of egg hunts in days gone by. And just treat it like any weekend. So my Easter Sunday was made up of being here, cleaning, cooking lunch, where I saw my son for at least 30mins!!! and just my other Sunday stuff.
    And today the treat of the day is to do my accounts for the end of the tax year.....


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