Sunday, May 30, 2010

Box of Chocolates

In the simple, wise words of Forrest Gump, "life is like a box of chocolates" - full of delicious surprises and goodness. This weekend was just like that - an assorted collection of delectables.

Spent most of Friday in Princess Margaret Hospital with a loved one as she received world class attention and breast cancer diagnostic care -- at no additional cost (shameless plug for universal health care). I teased her that first they would have to locate her boobs before they could diagnose them. I know -- sick, dark humour I shared with my mom, developed during the years of her illness. Funny enough, my loved one and I had fun together; we laughed at the impracticality of the hospital gown, the penned directions the doctors sketched on her breasts, the variety of footwear of the other ladies; and joked about the prison-like "bling" of the plastic, yellow bracelet. In short, we made the best of our time together.

Contrast that with a return trip to the city that night to see the Carole King / James Taylor Troubadour Tour concert. I had been waiting for this night since hubby gave me the tickets a few months back for my birthday. It did not disappoint. The audience pretty much knew every song and I was careful to curb my enthusiasm and urge to sing along -- except when James Taylor sang "You've got a friend". No one could hold back and the arena vibrated with the hauntingly beautiful chorus of the audience singing his words back at him.

I got hooked on their music as teen in the seventies. While my friends were embracing rock music - Styx, Meatloaf, Queen, Boston, Peter Frampton and other bands, I was rolling along in my own little singer-songwriter folk rut. I knew the music from my uncle who sang at every family get together. He could pull the perfect song from his inventory for every occasion. He  would say, "I've got a tune for you Lyn ..." and then with a twinkle in his eye, he would launch into Put another log on the fire, or lead the kids sitting wide-eyed at his feet in a rowdy rendition of Fox on the Run. Six part harmony with me singing dutifully "off key". Then we would wrap up our famjams with a sentimental sing song of Back Home Again.

The harmonies of many of the people who used to lend their voices to those sing alongs have been forever silenced, but the warmth and good feelings of those memories that fill my heart have stayed with me. Music has the power to do that ... stir up memories and feelings that we have linked to the period of time or events in our life to the songs.

Friday's concert was a trip down memory lane and left a perma-smile on my face. With hubby alongside I created another entry in the old memory book.

All this happiness and still the weekend had one more in store. Hubby and I had our dream of a peaceful retreat realized. I had a good feeling about it and for good reason. We aligned our vision and the stars aligned right along with us and voila! We have a quaint little cottage a few hours away with nothing but peace and potential in store (and maybe a little mortgage).

I never cease to be amazed at the wondrous possibilities that life has to offer. The tasty little tidbits mixed alongside with the bitter ones - but alot more good ones than bad. And it all starts with desire. Yup - life is like a mixed box of chocolates. Taste one - and if you don't like it, sneak it back and choose another!

Me being happy.


  1. Keep the 'box of chocolates' in ample supply. You deserve life's finest. Congrats!

  2. what a wonderful post lyn! all the way around. you are such a lovely person. congratulations and all the best,

  3. PERFECT!!!! Love it!! AND now I must go find that James Taylor song...I will not rest until I can play it again and again! So, so sorry about your friend...I so get what she's going through...and will keep her in my prayers!!! Love you, Janine XO

  4. Cpngratulations Lyn and hubby :)
    I look forward to the decorating and then a visit next trip out!

  5. Shirl: Thanks - I think I already have the best!

    Lori: Thanks Lori for your sweet words.

    Janine: I know you have been through this drill yourself.Thsnk you for keeping her in your prayers. She is very dear to me.

    Cuz: you know you will always be welcome!

  6. A lovely post, echoing the bitter/sweet thing that is life.
    You've got a friend, what a song, the anthem for my first serious love affair when I was 17. Lovely memories.

  7. Lyn..great blog..three in one. We did have a good taste of down home music and appreciation of the clean and healthy life style it portrayed. I was amazed you did not even put in a plug for John d. You look pretty happy in front of that cottage. pride of ownership or a dream come true...maybe both Polar bear

  8. I like the picture of you being happy :)!

  9. P.S. You have a beautiful smile!!! You look just as beautiful as I imagined!! And congratulations!! Love you, Janine XO


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