Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dodging Bullets and Shots

As predicted, I got my articles written and submitted on time. I used to get myself totally worked up when I hit a creative block or was running on empty. But no more. My breathing stays even, my heart beats at its same old pace and I don't test my antiperspirant. No way. I live on - supremely confident in the knowledge that IT WILL GET DONE! No use sweating it.

My arm is a little stiff from the shots Kidlet and I got yesterday in preparation for our upcoming Africa trip. But the good news is that we are covered! Yellow fever. Typhoid. Hep A and B. Bring it on! The nurse warned us that if we get a reaction to the yellow fever shot, it won't hit for about five days. That would take us into our upcoming long weekend. Boo to that.

Anyway - just thought I would share the fact that I dodged another bullet; pulled that wabbit outta the hat - again. And all is well in my world.


  1. Kudos, Lyn! I just barely dodged a bullet in the form of a six page psychology report that had me nearly pulling my hair out. But, like you, I pulled it off at the last second!

  2. I knew you'd dodge the bullet and get the articles finished! I miss the anticipation of article weeks:(

    Hope all is well over at the centre...I miss my cube mates!!


  3. Ugg, vaccinations. Those are the worse - at least you only needed a few. When I went to Honduras I had to get polio again and a series of preventative rabies shots. The rabies shots were quite painful, but I hear yellow fever isn't that fun either. I am so excited for your trip. Hopefully you won't get a reaction to the yellow fever - maybe just a bit of a fever or something manageable.

  4. BBC Radio 4 told me this morning, it's a fact that older people are more relaxed about life in general. There have to be SOME advantages! :)

  5. Jon - good for you! You're a champ.

    Se'lah - you're becoming my new best friend. :)

    Jen - who is going to listen to my lamenting? I miss you already!

    Kattrina - Thankfully I had my polio booster a few years back. Arm iwtht he yellow fever is strting to feel like it is full of lead! Oh well...

    Jinksy - Darn right there has to be some advantages to aging. Maybe I am slipping into a coma!?

  6. Time and deadlines wait for no woman!! Ha! So glad you got it done...hate the pressure...such a relief when you can put it behind you! When do you go to Africa? That's terrific! Have a wonderful weekend, Lyn! Love, Janine XO


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