Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It was a record breaking day. Hottest May 26th since 1941. But I am not complaining - just stating the facts. Summer has barged in and is making herself right at home. She's planning to be around for a while and didn't waste any time heating things up to her own liking.

But the salty. cool waters of our pool lay in waiting, the open windows welcome the evening breeze and the fragrance of the lilacs hanging heavy in the air cues summer. Time to slow it down, shift to easy gear and take it all in. I measure my lifetime in summers ... it seems most of the adventures and highlights happened in those short two months that seemed infinite as a child.

So I am making lots of plans to wring every ounce of goodness and fun out of this summer. It's hot - and lots of good stuff is cookin'!


  1. I love the hot weather and it has arrived here in force too. Last week was still cold with rain and sweaters - now it's 90 degrees! I love it anyway. Enjoy the summer weather!

  2. Sounds exciting Lynn! enjoy every moment. summer is a beautiful time!
    ♥ lori


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