Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So it's a Little Late

Procrastination is the name of the game tonight, and for Kidlet too I think. I had a few articles to bang out and she - an overdue English essay. (Yup - I outed you Kid!) Procrastination and I go way back; we've been inseparable for as far back as I can remember.

I was the kid pulling the all nighters to get my essay done the night before it was due. "Shut off the lights when you go to bed Hon," my mom would say to me as she kissed me goodnight and left me to the cold and dark hunched at the dining room table.  I was the master negotiator, eking out a few days extension on the assignment, although that didn't fly in university. When my college roommate Jilly would be truddling off to bed, studying done, fully showered, I would be just starting to crack the books. She even put me on a motivational program. If I finished X number of pages by X o'clock, we could walk up to the Burger Shack for meat. I apparently thrived on the pressure or the clunk on the head it delivered.

As a professional, procrastination and I became somewhat estranged to my relief, and I cleaned up my act. But now and then I revert back to that comfort zone of mine that is organized chaos. And then again, sometimes the disgust builds to overflowing and I just have to regroup and organize. At work that means shaking the crumbs out of my keyboard (I swear I dumped a week's worth of nutrition out of that thing), tossing out my pay stubs from 2004-2007, creating a clear spot on my desk amongst the mystery paper, and stripping away all of my Christmas decorations from my cube. Yup - I am ready to roll.

So tonight even though work on the articles gave way to phone chats with my little brother and daughters, it will still be there tomorrow... and I will just have to pull a wabbit out of hat ... again.


  1. Luv it Lyn! I had to laugh and I too can relate ... in university my fridge was cleaned almost daily, the sock drawer colour co-ordinatate and other most pressing issues all attended to ... then I could settle in and study for the last few hours before the exam :)

  2. Lynda..you probably inherited this trait from your father who always worked better under pressure.It is interesting that now I am the oposite and overplan and has not been late for anything. I get annoyed if my golf partner is not ready when I go to pick him up.There is still hope for you as there was for me. Somehow I liked myself better when I was less organized. Polar Bear


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