Saturday, May 1, 2010

Twilight Hours

Quiet time; everyone sleeps - everyone that is, but me. The house - alive with night time sounds; creaking, moaning and humming. An old habit formed as a busy parent, snatching remaining hours of the day greedily for myself after the last need was met, and the last babe deep in slumber.

Personal decompressing time.Thinking, reflecting and considering time. Mulling and writing - winding down and signing off. Closing thoughts of gratitude and setting my compass for tomorrow.

So with heavy eyelids and a contented heart I bid you all good night.


  1. i love that time too lyn, i would rather even go with less sleep (most of the time) than miss the "twilight hours". they are the best times.

  2. love those quiet moments. wishing you many more.

    one love.

  3. Make that three, dear Lyn...I snatch those hours as well...Such a beautiful time of night...and I find I cannot live without it...This post is beautifully reads like poetry, and speaks to the soul! Your own writing is like a "Soul Snack" as well! Love you much! Janine XO


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