Tuesday, June 29, 2010


While the world still lay in slumber deep with only harmonious chirps and whistles from our feathered friends providing the soundtrack, I pick up my trusty Canon and set out to greet the day head on down to the lake.

Those first breaths of air in early morn somehow seem fresher; unspoiled.

The lake is a mirror; a majestic reflection of the beauty and stillness. Awesome in duplicate. I sit on the rock, just to be; to inhale deeply the reverence of the morn. I am momentarily hypnotized by a dragonfly who lightly skims the glassy surface, creating delicate ripples. My senses are heightened and I view the world in technicolour.

Everything is beautiful. It is that simple. Beauty reveals itself when you look long and carefully enough.

Dawn has won me over, my favourite time of the day.


  1. Your photo captured all the serenity and beauty of the dawn.

  2. wow, Lyn! this is absolutely gorgeous. so excited for you about the cottage.. loved the hawk, too! Please keep up all the pictures :)

  3. I tried to leave a comment on your african blog, but it wouldn't let me...

    We are going away tomorrow on a'surprise' birthday getaway, but will possibly be back just too late to wish you bon voyage..so, all the best for the trip and I shall be thinking of you two!!

  4. Nature's beauty at its finest. Awesome pictures and looking forward to many, many more special momentous shots from our 'in-house photo expert'. You certainly captured that special moment down by the lake.

  5. Lovely dawn photos! What lake are you on?

  6. OMG this is a fantastic photograph.
    You can feel the silence and smell the pine from here.
    Beautiful capture.

  7. Absolutely EXTRAORDINARY!!! So fabulous...and your words are pure poetry! I am there. Thank you! Love, Janine XO

  8. I'm always taken aback by how great of a photographer you are.


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