Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday with Friends

Is there anything more uplifting than time with people we call true friends? I think not! I just returned from having dinner with Adventure Girl and Tender Heart - and it is a tradition that we have been upholding for more than 20 years now. Our relationship and commitment has lasted longer than any of my marriages. Egads - that didn't sound good.  I always walk away from our get togethers a little lighter (despite the honkin piece of blackened marlin I inhaled) and alot happier.

Adventure Girl is the baby of the trio and tonight we celebrated her birthday. Despite my efforts to scare the crap out of her point out the finer parts of aging gracefully, I think she really enjoyed herself. She's in denial. I warned her that her glowing skin and perfect complexion were temporary and that she should prepare herself. I explained that soon she would have hair growing in all the wrong places and that all memories (even stuff she did yesterday) would become distant ones. I worry that she will feel left out when Tender Heart and I qualify for special discounts and menu selections - and she will be left to pay full price. It's unfortunate she is resigned to tread the waters of aging alone (in perfect form) while Tender Heart and I watch from shore (we landed way ahead of her).

A few Sea Breezes and Cosmo Martinis (not all me), a view of the lake at sunset and happy chatter ... doesn't get any better than that. And Adventure Girl -- well, maybe I am a little bitter that she really isn't showing the wear and tear of the miles travelled if you know what I mean. But it wouldn't take but a chin hair or two to fix that ...

Happy Birthday my friend.


  1. Lyn..You three look like friends. I don't know about the scare tactics however as I personally feel the aging process is a happy one and things that were so important during youth are no longer on my top of the list. You however said it all about good friends..and add family..they could be both. Love Polar Bear.

  2. And what a little chin hair more or less amongst friends? :)

  3. Lets hear if for old friends with or without chin hair!

  4. good friends are better than pocket change. (an African proverb).

    I relish the time I spend with friends and loved ones. It's the joy of life.

    one love.

  5. I know just what you mean; anytime I need to recharge my batteries the first people I turn to are my friends. It's soothing to the soul to sit back and relax and let the easy conversations flow out of you. It's wonderful!


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