Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Television viewing is one of laziest forms of entertainment there is. It asks little of us; even catering to our snack and bio breaks with the ultra-generous disbursement of commercials. And lately there has been slim pickings on the tube. I am weary of the seemingly endless stream of "reality" shows. I am hungry for scripts and good writing, for clever banter and story lines that give me golf ball sized lumps in my throats. I crave characters that I can despise and love, and get ridiculously attached to.

Then along came Glee -- the quirky, funny, musical comedy-drama TV show that has members of the high school glee club singing and dancing their hearts out to rock and pop classics - week after week. Gay, jock, cheerleader, nerd, wheelchair bound, overweight, insecure, disenfranchised; Glee has them all.  I admit it took me  an episode or two to get the show - and now I am officially, fully addicted. It's an unusual soup of a show - edgy and sexually charged in a lovable, "baffoony" kind of way. Without fail, I walk at least two feet higher off the ground after watching it, the songs recycling in my head over and over again.

Tonight was the season finale and I gotta tell you - it was a showstopper. Kidlet and I sat here together, ooohing and ahhhing, cheering and laughing as we watched each performance. That show compacts more talent per second than any show I have ever watched. It's concentrated Glee. And now I am gleefully off to bed. Just had to share that.

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  1. Oh my daughter watchs that and loves it too! I am a terrible t.v. watcher and never remember to turn it on. In our home my husband goes into his office to watch a game, my daughter to her room to watch glee (and others too). I like quiet ☺


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