Sunday, June 20, 2010

Growing Pride - My Dad

Another Father's Day has come - and almost gone. Over the past few years I have written much about what  he has meant to me. So now, today, what I can say as a tribute that hasn't already been said?

I could recount the numerous things he taught me - how to read, ski, fish, ride a bike, snow mobile, serve customers well, be a leader and most importantly - how to expect the most of myself. I could go through a lengthy list of "remember when" ... and I could tell him how proud I was of him when he was my school principal, our town mayor, and the beloved Kabloonak of the North.

But honestly, the thing I want him to know is that I am most proud of the fact that he is an evolving spirit ... he has embraced new technologies and ideas; he has become reflective and contemplative; he has stepped up,  provided and become a solid foundation to bear the full weight of a growing family. He is a different Dad today than he was ten years ago, and different again from the Dad I had as a child. He becomes what we need most. Time has been kind to him - or maybe that is vice versa.  His heart has infinite capacity for love and nurturing. He has learned what is truly important in this life and he freely shares his wisdom with all of us. He is our emotional duct tape; our unifier; our soft place to fall.

Lucky for me, the safe place to fall lives just down the street.

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  1. You are soooo blessed!!! Just down the street? WONDERFUL!!! I'm so thrilled for you!!! And your dad looks so young! And he sounds just perfect! Happy Father's Day, a bit belated! Love you, Lyn....XOXO from Janine

  2. I always love how you write about your dad. It's obvious you have a great deal of love for him :)

  3. Lyn..again thankyou for your warm remarks. I feel blessed with the family and friends I somehow acquired over the years.My goal this year will be to honour the feelings and kind words with positive actions to deserve all the wonderful gifts I receive from my famiy and their contributions to society by being a fathers pride and joy. Polar Bear.


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