Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reason to Clean House

Inspiration, or maybe the word is motivation; a reason to get our house in order. It's called "home appraiser", and he is coming by in the next few days to verify that the overstated value of our home I listed on the loan application is accurate.

"Does he actually have to come into the house?" Dumb question number one.

"Of course," replies the overly efficient loans officer. "He will just verify the number of rooms, bathrooms and that your home is in reasonable condition."

"Ummm. What do you mean by reasonable?" Dumb question number two.  I conjure up visions of him counting dust bunnies, or suffering an occupational injury when he ventures into Kidlet's cave (a well documented hazardous zone).

Needless to say I spent the evening plowing a path through the infinite array of hockey equipment to the furnace (just in case he needs to verify that there is one), tidying up the clutter that seems to accumulate all by itself and trying to see our house throw the eyes of an appraiser. Kidlet is getting her cleaning orders or an eviction notice.

This appraisal is an important step  towards hubby and I getting our little dream cottage, so I am trying to embrace it. And hey, sometimes we need a fire lit under our backsides to spring us into action. Sometimes we need a reason to clean house. And really, could there be any better reason?


  1. Oh I get this.... I cleaned and tidied and sorted and presented my house the other day to an estate agent. And since then have continued to make good odd corners of naughtieness,you know the corners of chaotic wires lying all over the place in full view from the TV DVD computer. Horrid tasks but boy do I feel good when they are done.

  2. I'm so excited about your little cottage! I hope the appraiser agrees with the price you put down. Good luck!

  3. It's really 'all about the neighborhood' - cause that's what they'll refer to. Recent home sale prices, listings, etc. It's a cake-walk. They're not appraising the dirty laundry, just making sure there are walls around it :-)

  4. Oh dear, well, it's all for the good, just keep that darling cottage in mind as you are tidying!

  5. Mandy: It sure feels great when its all done.

    Kattrina: Thanks for your kind words. And no worries about the actual value-- I was conservative.

    Shirl, I am not worried about the actual appraisal -- just that he would be able to find those walls! You haven't seen Kidlet's room. ; )

    Lori - I have my eye on the prize! And I am pretty confident. Thx.

  6. I'm really excited for you guys.....

    Good luck! Fingers and toes crossed!


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