Sunday, July 18, 2010

Picture Perfect Weekend

It was a cottage weekend for hubby and I and judging by my drooping eyelids, our jam packed two days has left me just a little tired - happy and contented - but sleepy.

My dad and step-mom made their first trip to our cosy cottage and worked their buttocks off.
My dad built hubby and I a super-sized bed fit for a KING!

The Fort Knox bed held up to the jumping test.

Ever slept on a king sized cloud?

My Pops endured some war wounds during the tree clearing.

Mr Hawk turned out to be a Kamikaze Peregrine Falcon.

Step Mom had to take drastic defensive measures to protect us from the falcon.

All of hubby and Pop's tree clearing left us with a priceless sunrise view.

It was sad to watch them drive away up the lane. Thank you ...

With the lump in my throat barely swallowed, hubby's uncle from across the lake pulled up to our dock and coaxed us off for a tour of the lake.

Falcons. Family. Fun. Did I tell you that the weekend was picture perfect?!


  1. Youch! Your dad's leg looks nasty! Hope he's doin okay!
    And hawk or not, that bird has a clear "don't mess with me" look about him. I wish your step mom the best of luck in her anti-falcon campaign!

  2. Looks wonderful, Lyn. You will certainly enjoy once all the hard work is done. The pictures I posted were taken on my new property. I'm guessing you (like me) are feeling like you just got your own little piece of heaven. Enjoy!

  3. Wow - sounds fun! How I wish I had a lake house...

  4. Awesome week-end and great pictures that exemplify the story beautifully. Can't wait for my turn to enjoy a tiny bit of paradise. Sweet of Harald to take ya'll for a lake cruise - sharp boat!

  5. How fun for you! Thanks for sharing, my maple-leaf friend.


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