Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Love

This is what summer tastes like ... GOOD!
"I love summer!"
Can you hear me singing that mantra over and over as I dutifully tend to my laundry?
Upside - it means we are packing up again for the weekend and thus we must tend to home "work" to earn our cottage weekend. It also means I am at home on my compressed day off! Eureka!

I just checked Environment Canada to get a reading on the weather for the weekend. It is showing rain and thunderstorms with unbearable humidity. Close that window and go to the WeatherNetwork.  They have Saturday as being "light rain" all day with humidity. mmmm I'll go with window number 2! Who cares?? If we have to be hot and sweaty we may as well up North where we can supplement with mosquito and black fly bites tossed in with a few falcon attacks.

So I'll toss my cargo pants and flip flops (can't forget the calamine lotion, bug spray and sunscreen) into my "going-somewhere-fun" bag, pack some healthy snacks (do pretzels and corn chips fall under the grain or salt category?) and be ready and waiting when hubby gets home from work.

Then we'll jump in the car, race to the highway at a perfectly lawful speed, and then crawl along for an hour or so at 40 km an hour with all of the other stress-relief seeking city dwellers. Think of the gas we'll save.

My MIH Shirl is joining us this weekend. She has never seen the place yet and I could sense a shred of envy in her comments regarding last weekend's cottage post.  : )    Just joking of course. She met her hubby on the lake so I think she is really looking forward to rekindling some favourite memories.

So I must depart. The beeper signals yet another load dried and ready for my folding magic. God I love doing laundry - and after seeing how the Mamas in Kenya have to do theirs, I have lost all complaining rights. But I must brag say, no one can fold a pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs into a perfect square as well as me!!

That being said, have a wonderful weekend. And did I tell you, I LOVE SUMMER!
Even better!


  1. LOL I love your enthusiasm! And that fruit bowl thing looks delicious!

  2. Can I have one of those fruit bowls? Yum!

    I always feel so inspired and uplifted when I read your blogs, thank you for sharing.

    P.S. since you love doing laundry so much, wanna help with mine? :)


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