Friday, August 20, 2010

Coming Home

Watching CNN tonight and caught footage of U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq.
Outstretched arms.
Soppy eyes.
Faces buried in grateful shoulders.
Arms enraptured and group hugs.
Reunions of relief.
Expressions of sheer joy, exaltation.
Answered prayers.

And now it will begin for them; the long journey back to life at home.

All I know is I couldn't tear my eyes away from the scene of perpetual reunions. Tears leaked with each and every one. Young boyish faces and fresh faced young women flushed with the exhilaration of having survived as well as seeing the loved ones whose support sustained them, carry the horrors of their experience in an emotional rucksack.

Welcome home. You made it. Thousands of others didn't.


  1. A very bitter sweet homecoming for them all.

  2. Awesome. You are a fine wordsmith.

    As to your comment on my recent post: "Do you think maybe they had a guardian angel on a bike perhaps watching over them? Just a thought ..."

    Well of course they did. I guess I failed to point out the obvious so I changed my ending :>)

    THANKS, my FF, for reading between the lines. It takes an above-average reader to do that.

  3. you are braver than i, it's very hard for me to watch this. i agree wholeheartedly with you though, welcome home.

  4. I am so so SO happy they're finally coming home.


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