Thursday, August 5, 2010

Helter Swelter

Sweltering heat has been the order of the day -- for the past three days and nights. But I have no complaints. I work all day in  freezer like temps; drive home in my air conditioned car; and save the 10 metres walk from the car to the house, spend the rest of the night in an air conditioned house. Ironic, huh?

We basically spend 9 months of the year in cool to frigid temperatures, during which fantasies of sweat and swelter dance in our heads. When fair weather finally makes camp, I like to go with it, appreciate it.

Okay, noble as that intention is, I do have one small gripe. Sleeping is near to impossible with a steaming ball of fur sprawled on my body as the air conditioner chokes on its long journey to our bedroom. I lie on my back, melting into my mattress (or is that a night sweat?), a sheet within arms length for security, nearly drowning in the puddle with the ceiling fan creaking at a pitch that rivals a bad violin. And I can't figure out why we aren't fricken bony twigs; goodness knows we must sweat off our reserves in this heat.

Other than that, I am peachy keen. We are in the dog days of summer and I like both (dogs and summer). I plan on clinging to the second half cause before we know it - Kidlet will be gone, I will conduct a post leaving cleaning spree and then that will be it.  * wahhhh *.

Time for bed ... time to sweat.


  1. I love the heat too - which has been testing my love I must say seeing as it's been in the upper 90s for weeks and at times in the 100s. However, I still love summer and the heat. There is just something great about sweating in the humidity that makes me feel at peace - way more so than freezing in the cold. It is now dark when I walk the dog in the morning and it makes me sad that the days are getting shorter again. Boo. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Lyn,
    It's funny, the irony. I do hope you find some relief, humidity is not easy to live with (unless your in Hawaii!).

    We have fog still. I can't remember a summer like this ever. I do feel bad for all the kids and beachgoers looking for sun. It's got to come out sooner or later!

    Thank you for the lovely comment you left for me. It really meant alot. It feels so good to have so much understanding and support.

  3. So, it actually gets hot up there in Canada, eh? Is this an unusually hot season or normal for you in August? My air conditioning is out of order so I am relying on fans, but my home is well insulated so it hasn't been unbearable. I do the same nightly routine you described, however. It cools off when the sun goes down here but not til about midnight, so I have been on "swing shift" lately. I like your work on Lyn's Lifepixels, my far-away friend. Keep on keepin' on, and I shall do the same, my dear. Nightie Noodles, then, from North Idaho, Pert' Damn Near in Canada, too ~~~~~

  4. I HATE heat. I start sweating at the drop of a hat, but only my head. The body is bone dry, but my hair is sopping wet. Cruel fate.


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