Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today is Hubby's birthday. He is  celebrating a milestone - in his own subdued way.

I teasingly call him Dr Doolittle, because he is constantly telling me what the animals are thinking/ feeling.

About the falcon: "The baby is confused and doesn't know where to go, so he is hanging around the area that he is familiar with. He sounds like he may be sick."

About Fritz when he came and rested his chin on the sofa where I was sitting: "He's upset that you are in his spot." I scoffed but when I moved over, Fritz leaped up to claim the spot."

About the raft of ducks that swam up to our dock: "They thought we had food. They are disappointed."

About the chatter of the chipmunks: "Listen. They are spreading the word. They are rattled by the falcon."

Hubby will rescue and release the pesky spider, vole, mouse, and any other misguided critter that comes his way. He is more comfortable with animals than he is with people. He is shy and quiet and it takes time to get to know, but when you make the time and investment to really know him, the payback is huge.

Being the unassuming man that he is, he will not be thrilled to be featured on my blog (he made my lovely header by the way). But I couldn't let this special day pass without sharing a glimpse of my gentle giant.

Happy birthday my love; I can't imagine cruising this autobahn of life with anyone but you. Race on.


  1. I think it's a lovely birthday present!Hope you both enjoy the day...

  2. Happy Birthday! Birthdays are so fun, I hope your Hubby enjoys his!

  3. Happy Birthday Dr. Doo Little :)

  4. Lucky you. Hug that good man. Does he have any brothers who are single? ;>)

  5. PJ's biggest present is YOU!

  6. Lyn, this is so sweet. happy birthday to your husband! i am married to a man quite like him and like you feel very blessed.

  7. Happy happy birthday, to you, to you!!!


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