Thursday, August 26, 2010

Peace Seeker

It occurred to me that I have become a peace seeker ...

There was a time when I enjoyed being
in the centre - or cause - of frenzy,
caught up in chaos, and
immersed in plenitudes of people.
I thrived on a constant current of hum and background noise.

Times have changed - not sure why.
I much prefer the sideline view,
watching the scene unfold before me.
Watching, feeling, luxuriating in it and then
loving the silence that follows the end.

My time spent  remembering, reflecting and contemplating,
is precious and a gift I give myself.
I dream a dream and then explore its possibilities.
I wonder and ask why -- and why not?
I visualize the life I want -- and then realize
I am living it.

I seek peace with my loved ones
and my work family.
I envision peace for humanity
and hold hope alive that it can be.
I wrap myself in moments of "still", and am
calm, contented and peaceful.

I can't remember when the shift occurred and my world tilted just a little;
I only know that peace for me is paramount and
I no longer depend on or require the company of others
to fulfill me or for happiness "to go"...
But I do enjoy it!

So I guess my extroverted, loquacious, self
has learned not only to thrive in living colour,
but also to appreciate the subtle shades
that graduate the spectrum.
And there within those quiet tones, find grace and peace.
Oh peace seeking me.

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