Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Senses #1

I decided to borrow a page from over at M. Heart's Secret Notebooks ... Wild Pages and do a "Senses" post. [Thanks M. Heart]
  • wilted roses in a dehydrated bouquet - past its prime - propped up in a vase on the kitchen table
  • wild growth of weeds and assorted foliage poking through the patio stones 
  • sagging pockets of something - creating soft jowls on my face, offering a shade of my mom 
  • cool blue of the pool beckoning
  • Kidlet's stack of books and university paperwork on the buffet
  • Fritz's frenetic thumping as he fluffs and puffs himself
  • clicking of the keyboard keys as my fingers fumble across them
  • hissing of the kettle boiling
  • chirping from the forest over a track of  hum of distant traffic
  • sounds of Glee from the TV
  • oddly contented and discombobulated at the same time
  • melancholy
  • hot -- maybe a personal power surge?
  • sleepy
  • wood burning ... someone has their chiminea blazing
  • traces of residual curry from my microwaved leftovers 
  • garden fresh tomatoes and pears grown by Dad
  • spicy heat from leftover aloo gobi
  • cool sweetness of vanilla ice cream laden with walnuts and a dribble of maple syrup


  1. Oh what a fabulous post Lyn ( I may have to copy if that's okay and of course I'll credit you))
    I do a very similar exercise with my clients but using the body as a way to be mindful and stay in the moment. As a way to deal with the encroaching tendrils of past and future.

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  3. Thanks Mandy -- but I really "borrowed" the idea from M. Heart so if you are going to credit anyone, it should be her. Hope you are rested from your past few weeks.


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