Sunday, August 8, 2010

Phone Frenzy

Well I am not sure what hole today slipped into; it started off nice and slowly and somewhere along the way the middle of the day slipped into a chasm - a black hole. All I did is set off to buy a new cell phone and between the parade of latest, greatest and smartest of phones  (that practically update and escalate your social media statuses all on their own), I lost a chunk of my life. Technology quicksand!

I didn't appreciate the dubious looks I got from the skinny twenty-something techno geek sales associate when I said I wanted to look at the Desire.

He: looking kind of confused at me. "The Desire? It just came out you know."

Me: "Yes, I realize that. It came out yesterday".

He: still looking a little confounded, "How do you use your phone now?"

Me: getting impatient "That's the point ... I want to be able to access my social media ... update my blog, and Facebook and Twitter more easily - and tether."

He: "YOU have a blog?" smirk, slight rolling of eyes

Me: I'm not a %&^% dinasaur. I wasn't born under a rock. "Yes, I have several (blogs).

To make a long story short, we bonded over his phone envy ... for the latest and greatest that I was holding in my hot little hand. His iPhone had lost its glitter and glean after only 3 months and he was scouting the "new stuff". When I pulled my old Blackberry out of my purse to get a phone number, he gasped as if he were staring at the orignal invention. "How long have you had that? It doesn't even have a camera in it!" He really needs to eat more - and get more sun to add some colour to those sallow cheeks.

As I picked up the crispy paper shopping bag that held my new possession, he couldn't resist a parting barb or was it genuine concern .... "Are you going to be alright with this phone? We offer one hour courses you know". I assured him that I knew how to use the Internet and could probably find any answers I would need there.

As I walked to my car, my shiny new phone (named Desire ... dumbest name ever) started ringing. I stopped on the sidewalk, dropped my bag and scrambled to find out how to answer this technical marvel. Caller Unknown. "Hello?"

"Hi Mrs. B. (way too much respect considering he was just rolling his eyes at me) It's the skinny techno geek Ian from Tel**. I just wanted to make sure you could answer your phone. Glad everything's okay."

Little twirp! There are just some things about getting older that really suck are really irritating. I think that will be my next Facebook status update, and my tweet and my blog rant!

- official end of rant -


  1. The nerve! You should keep his number and call him at odd hours to teach him a lesson.

  2. I'm about to jump into the the techno-chasm ... I'll be calling you for info after vacation!

  3. Great idea Jon - wished I had thought of that myself!

    Cuz - I am no techno wiz but I am here for you. : ) Enjoy your vacay!

  4. The young need to understand there is life in the old dogs yet!

  5. LOL oh my god... I would have gone back in there and slapped him in his teeth! (just kidding, more like knee caps!) haha

    Seriously though, what a turd!



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