Sunday, September 19, 2010

Catch Up

This weekend was all about catching our breath and catching up. We have been dabbling non stop in a gazillion (more than a trillion) things simultaneously, for months now. We have been living life fully -- working and doing our home stuff during the week and then packing up on Friday nights and heading up to our cottage for weekends. We didn't miss too many and we loved every minute however I was secretly relieved when Kidlet called to say she was coming home, and hubby suggested that we should be here for her when she did.

Harmony called to say she was coming home too so I decided to have a Saturday night family dinner and invite  my Pops, Theresa and Doris. Impromptu sometimes works better than the best thought out plans. I rolled into action, reacquainted myself with my vacuum cleaner and dusted off the graffiti carved into the coffee table. I shopped, chopped, peeled and cooked for my family and spent some quality time with the girls. This morning I did laundry and rummaged through dark and dingy corners of the closets in search of garage sale items. I am under strict orders by hubby to stay out of his domain  ... not sure why???

In the deepest recesses of my closet I found my old black leather briefcase that hasn't been used since -- well -- since before cell phones were the norm there are no outside pockets. Aside from the thick choking coating of gray fluff, the bag was exactly as I had left it in 1993, the day I left my Sales and Marketing Manager job at the cable TV company. It had a business card case full of my former life identifiers. It was complete with writing pad, several pens, rubber bands, daytimer, loose change and - this made me smile - a spare pair of pantyhose in the zippered compartment. I can't remember the last time I wore pantyhose.

This is what happens when I try to organize and clean -- I get distracted  meandering down memory lanes, sidelining the progress. Not efficient but fun.

Hubby and I took a time out for ourselves and took our furbag for a nice long walk down at the waterfront. We breathed easy and soaked in the Sunday afternoon. It felt good to slow it down and have a weekend that was not spent in full motion.

I heard from people I care about which included some friends I made this summer on the Kenyan trip. We are gearing up for We Day that is coming up in Toronto September 30th and Megs is bantering about the idea of making the trip from the U.S. to attend. Fingers crossed.

Life is good -- and even better with harvest pie!


  1. I haven't heard of We day. I'm curious now.

    I do know just what you mean Lyn about impromptu and sorting...i have learned for me it helps to have a bit of a sense of humor about it all. I think you have that too!

    Your daughters post was amazing,you must be bursting with pride.

    ♥ lori

  2. Lovely read about a lovely weekend. Good to know you got to recharge the batteries and find old treaures.

  3. I love impromptu dinners with family. Rarely happens in my life since my family is not an "impromptu" distance away (it's kinda hard to be random when you live 10 hours away!), but it sounds great.

    It'll be great if some of your Kenyan-adventure friends can make it up for We Day. I love getting together with my Peace Corps friends, they are the only ones that truly understand the experience.


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