Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Contact

FINALLY -- first contact. I hadn't spoken to Kidlet at all since we were pushed out the door left her happily unpacking and settling into her dorm room. It felt unnatural. Hubby and I were cloistered up at our cottage enjoying the coziness and monotony of the six day long drizzle and chill with no land line. I  exchanged Facebook quips and a few emails with Kidlet -- mostly me whining about how much I missed her -- but I hadn't heard her voice. I just got back last night at midnight from a business trip and all I could think about was talking to her and hearing about her first impressions and her first week on campus.

"Hi Mom!" She actually sounded genuinely happy to hear my voice.
"Kidlet! How ARE you?" my enthusiasm blurting through the lines.

And for the next fifteen minutes I got the answer. She talked excitedly, rapidly, trying to squeeze as many words per second as possible into the call. She has made cool friends; she likes everyone in her dorm; she misses her sweetheart I sensed a gulp and a tear here; she loves her classes imitated the guttural noises she is supposed to practice for her German classes; she only got lost once; the food is delicious and HER ROOM IS CLEAN that may be subject to inspection. Will miracles never cease???

I felt a pang ... homesickness, excitement, and pride all rolled into one fat lump in my throat. As the pace of the conversation quickened I realized she was expected somewhere and had to wind down the call. We said our goodbyes hastily however I sensed our mutual satisfaction with our exchange. My Kidlet sounded more mature and a new confidence strengthened her voice.

It may be time for Kidlet to give way to Womlet.  We'll see... All I know is that tonight I am going to sleep a little sounder. Nite Kidlet - sweet dreams.


  1. Hi Lyn, thank you for visiting! wishing a quick adaptation to the new situation, hope your daughter will be happy :-) and you can feel at peace with her being away ... You have got a wonderful blog about Africa, something I'm going to explore more later on!! So looking forward to it :-)

  2. Hi Birdie,
    The Africa Calling blog is incomplete still - I have many more accounts and photos of our trip to post and I suppose with my semi-retirement from parenting, I should have the time! Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hi Lyn,
    it was so nice to read of your lake vacation, it sounds perfect to me!

    and oh how i can relate to this post here, although my childs experiance is much different, the feelings are the same. Worry! and letting go...

  4. Hi Lyn,
    It's been a little while since I made my way over to your corner of the world and I thought I'd come pay a visit! This post made me remember the day 9 years ago that I moved to college and had to say goodbye to my mom and I can definitely relate to some of the feelings you were having! So glad to hear that she's doing well and that you're adjusting well too. :)


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