Monday, September 6, 2010

Moving Day

The day arrived. Moving day. For weeks Kidlet had been collecting, organizing and stashing the things she would need for her dorm room on my dining room table. And for weeks I had been complaining about the excess and mess – which probably had more to do with watching the evidence of her departure growing daily, deepening my sense of panic and reminding me that the move was imminent.
Kidlet is the last of my girls to leave home and as a mama, it is a mixed salad of emotions. Bitter greens, juicy, sweet tomatoes, and crunchy lettuce – sadness knowing a chapter of mothering is closing; happiness seeing the strong, intelligent woman Kidlet has become and excitement watching her pursue her dreams and for what is to come.

The family gave her a send off the night before – grandparents, parents, and sisters and Fritz. We celebrated Doris’ 93rd birthday too and it helped take the edge off. Then again nothing takes the edge off like cake and ice-cream (and a droplet or two of wine). This marked round one of the goodbyes.

The tribe rallied and with the help of her two dads and sister, we got the truck packed up with a fridge, food, clothes that could outfit a village and enough personal hygiene products to last her through her degree.

The second round of goodbyes was fulfilled with her sister and Fritz and me (although I was following the caravan to the university). Watching her pull away from our home, I knew that “that” girl would never return but that next time she was home, a matured, confident young woman will have taken her place.

Kidlet, her dad, hubby, Kidlet’s sweetheart and I converged on the campus and after a 2.5 hour wait, got her stuff up to her dorm room. Thankfully for any other poor suckers were spared sharing with her she has her own private room – small as it is. I could see the panic washing across her face ... where to put everything? Where to start? Where’s the ladies room, the common room, the bookstore? I made up her bed one last time, hubby put together what needed putting together, her boyfriend helped her unpack her dad stood nervously by in the hallway. Tension and excitement duelled for supremacy and Kidlet called it a draw by releasing us – assuring us that she would be okay after she sorted out her stuff. Dispensing us a few quick hugs and hurried goodbyes as she shooed us down the hallway mitigated any potential drama or emotional hallway farewells. We left her standing in her cluttered, chaotic room with her boyfriend what were we thinking and walked to the parking lot, almost shell shocked at the brisk ending to the chapter. We bid her dad goodbye and I gave his arm a quick squeeze “this is the last one J”, and he smiled as he climbed into his truck.

I was a little quiet as we drove away from her and towards our vacation at the cottage. The emotions were swirling and I was fighting the reflective reflex. No tears – only pride. And as we hit the highway north, and drove into foul ugly weather, hubby pulled me out ... “look ahead”.

A reminder of good things to come.
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  1. Onto the next chapter - for BOTH of you....
    "Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear"

  2. The rainbow drew a wonderful line under the past, as well as symbolising a bridge to the future...

  3. Wow Lynn, you were lucky i'd say. One of my partings (with my second child) worked much the same way. This last one was extremely hard, and it's not over yet (still unsettled and so far away).

    Good luck to your beautiful daughter!

  4. Beautiful post - got me a little teary too ...
    The symbolism of the rainbow on that day is profound!

  5. I'm covered in goosebumps now. It took me straight back tot eh day my eldest and I dropped him off at Uni, and how quickly he got me out of the door once all the stuff was unloaded.
    Hope the empty nest is not too unbearable.

  6. This is an absolutely beautiful brought tears to my eyes, Lyn!!!! You are much in my thoughts during this time of transition!!! ~Janine XO


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