Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Soul-journ Continues

Photo from Free the Children
There they were on YouTube -- two young, dark skinned men dressed in brilliant red -- well -- dresses, draped in sparkles and beads with wide shining grins that poured over their faces, pushing their luggage carts. Wilson and Jackson, the Maasai warriors from our trip had landed in Toronto. An awaiting crowd burst into the "Jambo" song with which they had welcomed us to Bogani. Wilson immediately abandoned his cart and joined in, bellowing out the song, waving his arms, moving to the a capella chorus. Jackson joined in a little more shyly and the picture was complete. They had brought the unbridled, open hearted warmth and love from Kenya. What an import!

This trip to Kenya that Kidlet and I took this summer was offered by Free the Children as an opportunity to learn about and experience the life of Kenyans living out on the Marra. It was here we had our hearts touched by people with joyous, determined spirits, musical voices and wide smiles. I left a piece of myself there for safe keeping and now ... I get to experience all over again - for a brief moment in time.

I can't wait to reunite with some of our group as well as the faciliators and warriors from our summer sojourn at We Day, September 30th. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. Megan is flying in from Phoenix and it keeps getting better and better. We will once again share a life changing experience. I am prepared to be inspired, rekindled and rejuvenated and to reciprocate the hospitality and love to our visitors.

Like I said - the soul-journ continues.

Warch a sample of their tv appearance to promote peace. (CTV)


  1. So, so wonderful!!!! You are such an inspiration, Lyn!!! Would love to hear more about your experience!!!! Have a fabulous weekend!!! ~Janine XO

  2. Sounds as if a wonderful time will be had by all.
    Making friends like this makes the world rock doesn't it.

  3. My heart is warmed by your soul-journ. xo Enjoy the moments.

  4. you have such a big heart...can't wait to hear about how it goes.

    and how can I thank you enough for lighting up my day with my beautiful *gift of jewels*...I have been carrying it around with me like it's gold, and reading it periodically when I need a dose of peace. from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

    one love.

  5. What an amazing moment at the airport it sounds like and an amazing way to reunite with friends from around the world. Hope your reunion is everything you hoped it would be!


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