Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Eyes Have It

It's quite an adventure, driving to work in the dark. It's a crap shoot guessing which lane the cars in front are driving in and it gets really "thrilling" when I can't discern if the oncoming traffic is in my lane or on the other side of the meridian. But it's time to quell the daredevil inside me and face the truth -- I need glasses.

I don't know why I haven't dealt with it sooner; maybe I didn't want glassed permanently perched on my already less than attractive nose, probably looking more like a senior than I want to. Maybe I don't want something else to misplace (after all, I burned through 3 pairs of sunglasses in 10 days this summer in Kenya). And probably I am just plain lazy.

Tonight I exercised due diligence and went in search of glasses. I had my eyes examined and the news wasn't all bad:

Doc: Wow - they're really nicely shaped
Me: Really?  Haven't heard that in a while
Doc: Your retinas are fantastic looking.
Me: Gee thanks. **blushing** No one's ever said that to me before
Doc: You've gotta be pleased with yourself
Me: Well ... I guess I do OK...
Doc: Seriously -- FIFTY and you still have a great pair.
Me: Excuse me?
Doc: It won't take much to help those FIFTY year-old eyes see the highway better.
Me: You lost me at FIFTY ...

So tomorrow I will pick up the sturdy but inexpensive (pulled the frames from the "limited" selection in the clearance bin), glare resistant, shatter proof, UV coated glasses that will help me see the road. The highways just got safer ... and that's a good thing!

Actually - it was good news; although I struggle to read the microscopic print on the back of pill jars, my eyesight still did not warrant bifocals (per the Doc). My weak drugstore cheaters will do just fine.


  1. Haha! Been there and done that! It really isn't so bad! At least you went to have them checked. I was also surprised. Drug store glasses just fine the optomitrist says as well. Nice and cheap!

  2. As a terribly nearsighted person (my eyeballs are far too long for my own good) I welcomed glasses with open arms. I don't even notice wearing them anymore!
    I'm glad you're no longer a highway menace!

  3. Hi, Lyn. I've just wandered over from Rosaria's sixtyfivewhatnow.

    Loved your dialogue! And I'm glad highways look better. (I grew up in Ontario; ah yes, show covered highways, early mornings.) Where are you driving?

    Last year, at 64, I had new synthetic lenses put into both my eyes (the original ones were so badly disturbed by cataracts I was having problems). Now I use glasses from the Dollar Store, thought I would see better if I got "proper" ones.

  4. you made me smile.

    my daughter told me that she doesn't like to see me in glasses...go figure ;)

  5. Love those drugstore pairs!! safe driving Lyn :)

  6. if only I could see this without my glasses then I'd leave you a note!!!


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