Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Holding onto Fall

As I drove up my tree lined street I couldn't help but notice how many leaves have already fallen. The huge amount of rain and wind we've had lately has prematurely pulled them from their branches. Instead of the gradual transformation from a sea of green to brilliant crimson and oranges, most of the trees are jaundiced and wilting as if suffering from a severe case of stage fright. Autumn seems to be shirking backwards towards the door rather than sticking around after a brilliant show for the curtain calls.

This is my favourite time of year, especially for shooting photos, yet I haven't had time to snap a single shot. This weather channel is promising clear skies and sunshine this weekend so hopefully I will steal some time to take a wander with my camera and capture some colour.

Actually we are going to try to squeeze in a fall fair ... pigs, goats, fudge and horses. And if we are really lucky, the smell of wood burning will fill my nostrils; I will bite into a crisp sour apple for a taste of fall; and the sound of brittle leaves crunching beneath my feet will make me smile.

Like I said - it's my favourite time of year, so please hold fall, just a little while longer.


  1. In Ohio (or at least my little corner of Ohio) the weather's been surprisingly dreary. All week the temperatures been around fifty and the skies have been overcast. It's perfect for getting someone in the Halloween spirit, but unusual for this early in October.
    Mother Nature's all out of whack this year!

  2. it's getting cold...the leaves are already falling in places. will it be a quick autumn? i hope not bc i'm not ready for snow yet. lol


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